Coretan #7

Aneh ngga sih?
Kamu yg dulu invite BBM aku duluan. Kamu yg dulu ngajak aku ngobrol duluan. Kamu yg dulu berusaha untuk kenal aku duluan. Juni 2011. Dua setengah tahun yg lalu…
Tapi kenapa sekarang jadi aku yg tergila-gila sama kamu? Kenapa sekarang jadi aku yg ngga bisa dan ngga mau lepas dan jauh dari kamu?
It was all started in July 2011. When you broke your leg and asked me to help you bought Poconggg’s book. I felt connected with you at that time. And it continues. Until now. December 2013.
Don’t you feel the same?
I don’t think so.

Mengingat dan semenjak…ngga semenjak sih. Dari awal aku tau kamu punya banyak temen cewe. Gebetan. Inceran. Banteran. Whatever it is called.
Dua setengah tahun. And it’s a long enough story. About us. About how I fell in love with you. Even since we haven’t meet yet. And about how finally you fell in love back with me. And I lost you. I let you go stupidly. Thought that this was not right, whereas the only thing that not right was my thought about this. Then our broke up is my biggest regret. And now I have nothing to do to fix that. Besides to keep telling you that I am sorry.



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