Hot-Straight Lombok

Hot-straight? Seksi dan “normal”? Hhmm…

Well, I’m not talking about sexual orientation or any sexual material. I’m talking about the island with super-beautiful bitches beaches. Yes! It’s Lombok Island! Indonesia. Located at the east of Bali Island. If you visit Bali guys, I highly recommend you to visit Lombok Island, too! It’s just about 5 hours by boat from Bali. Took so long? Yea, Bali-Lombok boat usually has a not-too-fast speed or let’s say it’s slow. Heheh.

Guess I’m gonna write this in full English. Hope it’ll be useful for everyone who wants to visit Lombok, not just domestic Indonesian tourist. Heheh.

Let’s start with the day-1…

I took off from Yogyakarta (it is another beautiful city you guys have to visit, and yes, it’s still in Indonesia) on Oct. 14th (yes it’s almost a month ago K) at about 5 pm WIB (Western Indonesia Local-Time). I forget the details L And I remember that we, me and my cousins’ family, landed safe and sound at Lombok International Airport in Praya, Lombok, at about 8 pm WITA (Middle Indonesia Local-Time, the difference between WIB and WITA is one hour). We had been waited by a local tour guide named Sedek. It’s pretty hard to say so let’s call him Mas Dek. With 6 people, 7 with Mas Dek, and 5 bags, we got into a semi-MPV city car named Avanza, (google the pic and you can find that) it’s pretty small for 7 people and those bags, though. Ewrr… We had a dinner at Nasi Balap Puyung Rinjani located not far from airport. It’s pretty cheap, just around Rp10-15k for the food. It’s about $1, you will only spend about $2-$4 each person including the drink. The food is delicious BUT…SUPER-HOT! The food contains a lot of chilli. Be careful for you who doesn’t like hot food. But FYI, most foods there are hot and contains chilli. Well, chilli is Indonesian food specialty, I guess. I have a trick for you to get that hot on your tongue disappear immediately. Drink or gargle with warm-almost-hot water (or tea, or whatev), you’ll cry first but soon you won’t feel any burning-hot in your mouth.

After that burning-tongue-and-lips dinner we traveled to Senggigi beach and checked in to Jayakarta Hotel and Resorts. All hotels in Senggigi are facing directly towards the beach. This hotel is one of the most favorite hotel. But for you who come to Senggigi to honeymoon, I guess you should be careful if you choose this hotel. The rooms aren’t soundproof. So..yeah…just be careful. LOL.

Jayakarta Hotel

Jayakarta Hotel

The next morning I woke up after the sunrise, so we just walked down to the beach to checked out how the beach is, and then to the pool, and to the bar for having breakfast. Our destination for day-2 is Gili Nanggu. But because the guide was coming late so we changed the destination to Gili Trawangan which is nearer to Senggigi than Gili Nanggu. And FYI, if your local guide is late, just scold him. Still, don’t be too hard. But if you don’t scold him, believe me he will always late for the next days.

We need to cross over by a speed boat from Lombok Island to Gili Trawangan Island. At Gili Trawangan, I really love the white sand and the super-bright blue sea. It’s pretty crowded there with soooooo many bars and food kiosks facing to the beach. We landed at “Why Not” food kiosk to have a sit and negotiate with the owner of snorkeling tools rent.  At about 1 pm we took off the boat to near Gili Meno to did snorkel. The most famous thing there is The Blue Coral. The coral view is sooooo beautiful but the wave was so hard and made me and my cousins a little bit frightened. We snorkel with an instructor, btw, since we all are an amateurs. LOL. After that we went back to Gili Trawangan to eat and then get ready to get back to Lombok Island.

On day-3, we went to Gili Nanggu. This place is a tiny island on southern Lombok. When we got there, it was soooo quiet with just a few visitors. It felt like a private island. The best thing here is we can snorkel nearby the shore. Oh! One important thing to snorkel here is you have to bring manyyyyy breads. It used as fish bait. The fishes are beautiful and colorful! And they’re not afraid of human! Still, we can’t touch them. Heheh. One frightening thing here is the edge of the shallow sea with coral to snorkel to a deeper sea is so sudden and steep. So be careful if you snorkel there without an instructor. Oh and the wave is pretty harsh too.


Day-4, we went to a Kuta Beach. Yeeessshhh! Who says Kuta only belongs to Bali? Lombok has one, too! It is located at the southern Lombok Island, not far from Lombok International Airport. The famous thing here is a “pepper sand”. It’s called like that because the sand grain is bigger than usual sand grain, just like the whole peppercorns. And also you can do surfing here. Most southern beaches in Lombok is suitable for surfing but northern beaches is suitable for snorkeling and diving. Then after that we went to a Sasak traditional village named Sade Village. Then after thet we went back to Jogja.

And that was my Lombok holiday!

Hope this post will be useful for you who want to visit Lombok Island! 😀

Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis

Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu

PS: you can see the rest by visiting Instagram hashtag –> #annskaadilombok



  1. Yaampun.. Terakhir ke lombok tuh udah bertahun-tahun lalu. Waktu itu lombok masih sepi… saking sepinya, malah ada beberapa (atau banyak) bule yang nude di gili trawangan. Untung sekarang cuma tambah rame aja yak! Indahnya mah tetep :DDD

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